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Jan 9, 2017

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On episode 50 of the BSP, I talk about setting my annual social media goals for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Podcasting. I also cover why I have updated the podcast logo and what my other annual goals are.

As far as news, I cover the lawsuit that the U.S. Government is lodging against google, Sennheiser rolling out a bi-naural microphone, a Yubikey for USB-C Laptops, Wikileaks collecting personal information on all verified twitter users, and the dangers of rolling Amazon Alexa out to Ford cars & Huawei Phones.

Over the last week I have been testing Tails OS, SnowHaze iOS Browser, and the Apple AirPods, and I share my thoughts on al these products before closing out the podcast with a state of the podcast address.

00:00 - Intro
01:51 - Updated the Podcast Logo
03:25 - Annual Social Media Goals
06:45 - Other Annual Project Goals
08:51 - Google Being Sued by the U.S. Government
11:17 - Sennheiser Binaural Microphone
13:35 - Yubikey USB-C Dongle Launch
15:58 - Wikileaks Making a Database of Verified Twitter Users Personal Data
18:31 - Alexa Being Rolled out to Ford Cars & Huawei Phones
20:50 - Tails OS (Security Operating System)
23:55 - SnowHaze Private iOS Browser
25:27 - Apple AirPods Review
28:59 - State of the Podcast
30:02 - Outro
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