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Jan 23, 2017

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00:00 - Intro
01:45 - I Have a Problem
03:04 - I Got Rid of All My Clothes
04:40 - YouTube Messenger
06:58 - Evernote App Redesign
08:06 - Can the FAA Fine Drone Flying YouTubers
11:53 - CIA Declassifies 12 Million Pages
15:10 - Facebook No Longer Paying Live Streamers
17:00 - Hulu Launching Offline Video Playing
18:05 - Garageband Upgraded for iOS
20:55 - Resident Evil 7
22:56 - HarmonQuest
23:42 - Blind Guardian - Nightfall on Middle Earth
25:00 - QuizUp / Magic Duals / The Room 3
26:30 - SeeSo Streaming App
28:50 - Outro

On episode 52 of the BSP, I talk about the new YouTube messenger which is currently available in Canada. I also explore what the current fine of SkyCap means for YouTubers who fly drones for their videos.

In other news, I cover the Evernote App Redesign, CIA Declassification of 12 Million pages of documents, Facebook moving away from live streaming, Hulu downloadable content, Garageband’s iOS update, and the upcoming Resident Evil 7 release.

This week in recommended content, I talk about the animated role playing game, HarmonQuest, and the J.R.R. Tolkien inspired power metal album Nightfall on Middle Earth.

As far as what I’ve been testing, I talk briefly about three awesome iOS games that have become a problem for my productivity, as well as the on demand subscription service, SeeSo.

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