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Mar 13, 2017

00:00 - Intro
01:30 - Shorter Episode
01:50 - Recording this podcast with an iPad
04:15 - Creating a Realistic GoBag
06:41 - What is Vault 7?
14:48 - How you should approach content creation
21:13 - Outro

On episode 59 of the BSP, the first topic I cover is how I am recording the entire episode on my iPad. I walk through the gear I am using, the apps I’m using, and why I am trying to learn to record an entire podcast on the iPad.

The next main topic I cover is the vault 7 leaks. We go over three main pieces of information that the media is focusing on, what the info means, and easy ways to avoid succumbing to these exploits.

Lastly, I talk about what most content creators should be focussing on, but seem to ignore. I hope by sharing my approach to making youtube videos, I can help some new creators improve their process & content.

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