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May 15, 2017

00:00 - Intro
01:03 - Shorter Episode
01:13 - 2 Year Anniversary on YouTube
02:42 - iTunes Affiliate Earnings
04:40 - Amazon Free Shipping over $25
05:20 - Amazon Prime Concerts
06:40 - Amazon Echo Show
12:58 - Facebook Hiding Certain Links
15:45 - Google Acquires Owlchemy Labs VR
16:55 - Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV
18:00 - The Leftovers
19:22 - Get Out
20:34 - Deadpool Cartoon Coming in 2018
21:12 - Ask Bandrew
30:06 - Outro

On episode 68 of the BSP, I talk about a lot of Amazon news including the new Amazon Echo Show, Facebook hiding certain links and Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV.

In TV & Movies of the Week I talk about The Leftovers, Get Out and Deadpool. I also answer a LOT of questions in the Ask Bandrew segment.

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