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May 29, 2017

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - I Read 900 Articles a Week
01:35 - Why Amazon is Destroying Brick & Mortar
03:03 - Podcastage YouTube Series
05:56 - Facebook Collaborative Live Streaming
07:53 - Facebook Shows (Advice for Them)
09:47 - Xbox Game Pass
12:56 - TSA Security Process
15:53 - Apple Security Requests Doubled over 6 Months
19:03 - 1Password Adds Travel Mode
21:22 - Tech Companies Want to Change Government Surveillance
23:06 - Silicon Valley Renewed
23:42 - What I’ve Been Testing
26:06 - Ask Bandrew
32:45 - Outro

On episode 70 of the BSP, I talk about reading through 900 articles to prepare for the podcast, why I think amazon is destroying brick and mortar retailers, and current and future podcastage projects.

In news, I cover a new collaborative live streaming feature which will be on facebook, then talk about facebook spending $250,000 for 20-30 minute shows, and tie up this news segment with a mention of the Xbox Game Pass.

In security news I talk about TSA Security Proceduces, Apple Security Requests, 1Password Travel Mode, and some tech companies trying to force change in governmental surveillance.

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