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Jul 31, 2017

On episode 79 of the BSP, I have an awful headache but still talk about a recent guest spot I did on another podcast, Facebook’s smart speaker development, a Wisconsin company implanting devices in their employees, Roomba selling maps of your houses, and then I answer a bunch of your questions in the ask Bandrew segment.

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - I Have a Headache
01:24 - Podcast Guest Spot
01:59 - I Still Have a Headache
02:35 - Facebook Smart Speaker
06:35 - iPod Nano & Shuffle Discontinued
08:03 - Facebook Acquired Source3
11:46 - Installing Implants into Your Employees
14:02 - Roomba Selling Digital Maps of Your Home
16:15 - Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
17:16 - Community (TV Show)
17:44 - Ask Bandrew
18:16 - What Am I Reading?
19:44 - Why am I Passionate About Podcasting?
20:15 - Is Podcasting Your Outlet?
20:40 - Are You Nervous About New Projects?
22:15 - International Travel?
23:07 - Have you played Starcraft of Portal
23:30 - How do you handle people trying to get you to drink?
25:30 - Where do you host your podcast & how do you monetize your podcast?
28:32 - Outro

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