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Aug 7, 2017

On episode 80, the first piece of news we talk about is a college football player who was given the opportunity to continue making youtube videos & attend school, or lose his scholarship. He chose the latter of these two options. I also talk about Resident Evil, the status of VPN's in China & Russia, and Verizon tracking everything you do on their phones.

In the Ask Bandrew segment, I answer a lot of questions including: How do you keep a consistent release schedule with a busy life? My thoughts on the iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Leaks, my updated thoughts about the Apple Airpods, and MUCH more.

00:00 - Intro
00:54 - YouTuber Lost Scholarship Because of Channel
07:32 - YouTube Hiding Videos
10:04 - Quick Update for YouTube Music
10:25 - Resident Evil Revelations Coming to Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PS4
11:15 - Apple Removed VPNs from China
13:45 - VPN’s Illegal in Russia
14:20 - Verizon Rewards Tracking Your Information
16:46 - Ask Bandrew
17:26 - How do you keep a consistent release schedule with a busy life?
18:45 - Plans for more Gaming Videos?
19:26 - Best Mic that I’ve Reviewed?
20:21 - Any Conventions I Want to Attend?
22:06 - Thoughts on iPhone 8 Leaks (Facial Recognition)
24:05 - Will You Get a Cat / Dog / or Robot?
25:25 - Update about the AirPods?
26:22 - Anything You Want to Add to Your Tech Arsenal?
27:31 - Are Your Working on Any Other Creations?
28:35 - Outro

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