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Aug 28, 2017

On episode 83 of the BSP I issue a public service announcements regarding voiding your bowels on strangers vehicles, a new mic I’m testing, and an issue I have with stickers.

In news, I talk about Verizon’s new unlimited plans, Crashplan closing down, Hulu Live TV coming to internet browsers, Facebook live streaming college games, Getting unlimited data for a year for $1, H3H3 winning their lawsuit, Amazon influencer program being available for youtubers, and the Vive Getting a price cut.

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Relearning to Speak
01:43 - Don’t Poop on my Car
06:05 - Recording Using a New Mic
07:15 - Rewired my Studio with Mogami
08:07 - I Hate Stickers
08:57 - Verizon’s New Unlimited Plans are a SHAM!
13:40 - Crashplan is Closing Down
15:21 - Hulu Live TV Now Available on PC & Mac
16:50 - Facebook Live Streaming 15 College Football Games
18:15 - One Year of Unlimited Mobile Data for $1.00
21:58 - H3H3 Podcast Won Their Lawsuit
24:44 - Amazon Influencer Program Open to YouTubers
26:50 - Vive Got a $200 price cut
27:46 - Wag the Dog
28:50 - Stranger Things Renewed for Season 3
29:08 - Seinfeld Netflix News
29:32 - Ask Bandrew
30:13 - Should I Clean Used Mics?
32:00 - Can you do a competition to give away all your stickers?
32:50 - Will Your Podcast Studio Remain Dark?
33:10 - Live Podcasting?
34:32 - Outro

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