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Nov 27, 2017

On episode 95 of the BSP, I talk about why I missed last weeks episode, contacting my government representative to complain about Net Neutrality and Data Aggregators, Pinter companies being criminal, Black Friday deals, and Buying an iPhone X.

In news, I talk about the status of Net Neutrality, Twitter testing book marks, Youtube being back on the Amazon Echo show, YouTube blocking comments, Proton Mail launching an encrypted contact manager, Germany banning smartwatches for kids, Google tracking you while location services are off, and a hack of Uber.

In what I’ve been testing, I share my thoughts on the google chrome cast, as well as my initial thoughts on the iPhone X. In the Ask Bandrew segment I talk about what condenser mic I would use if I had to use one, my thoughts on Monica Reyes & John Doggett as well as the Series 9 finale, and I share one of my favorite stories from being in a band.

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00:00 - Intro
01:05 - Missed Last Week Due to a Bachelor Party
03:14 - Contact your Government Representatives
05:56 - Printer Companies are Criminal
06:50 - Black Friday Finds
08:55 - I Bought an iPhone X
10:44 - Net Neutrality Status
15:38 - Twitter Testing Bookmarks
16:58 - YouTube Back on Amazon Echo Show
17:58 - YouTube Blocking Terrible Comment Sections
20:17 - Proton Mail Launched Encrypted Contact Manager
22:25 - Germany Banned Smartwatches for Kids
23:23 - Google Tracking You While Location Services Were Turned Off
25:46 - Uber was Hacked!
27:43 - My Thoughts on the Google Chromecast
28:43 - Initial Impressions of the iPhone X
31:30 - Ask Bandrew
32:50 - If You Had to Use a Condenser, Which Would You Pick?
33:35 - What Were Your Thoughts of Monica Reyes & John Doggett?
34:47 - What Were Your Thoughts on the X-Files Season 9 Finale?
35:48 - Funniest Story From When You Were in a Band?
38:46 - Outro

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