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Jan 1, 2018

On episode 100 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I celebrate the centennial episode of this show. I talk about how I failed in 2017, my goals for 2018, my story of quitting drinking, and my favorite tech of 2017.

In news I talk about Apple Battery Replacement, Lawsuits Against Apple, YouTube Being Deactivated on the Amazon FireTV, a Swatting Toll Leading to Death, and Your Browser Password Manager Leaking Your Info.

In other areas of the podcast, I share some horror films I’ve watched this year, forgetting to hit record, best wav mic for the Zoom H6, Dynamic Mic Comparison Videos, Upgrading from the Canon T6i, my favorite fast food, and much more.

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00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Different Episode Style This Week
01:20 - How I Failed in 2017
06:51 - My 2018 Goals
10:55 - Why I Quit Drinking (3 Year Soberversary)
21:00 - My Favorite Tech of 2017
28:50 - Apple Battery Replacement Price & Lawsuits
30:28 - YouTube Deactivated on Amazon Fire TV
31:25 - Swatting Troll Leads to Death
35:42 - Your Browser Password Manager is Being Exploited
37:50 - Horror Film Binge List
39:30 - Ask Bandrew Segment
40:00 - E-mail 1
40:41 - Do You Watch The Daily Show?
41:23 - Have You Ever Forgot to Record or Plug Microphone?
42:29 - E-mail 2
42:40 - Best Lav Mic for Zoom H6
44:50 - E-mail 3
45:20 - Will You Use the TLM102?
45:46 - Will You Compare the PR40, RE20, RE320 & SM7b?
47:17 - Worst Mic You’ve Reviewed?
48:15 - Do You Want to Upgrade from the Canon T6i
50:30 - E-mail 4
50:55 - Do you like fidget spinners?
51:42 - Why Did I Start Podcasting?
52:23 - Do you like Football/Soccer?
53:26 - Favorite Fast Food?
54:08 - Outro!!!

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