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Jan 29, 2018

On episode 104, I talk about Elon Musk launching a flamethrower, Apple’s homepod being released, Universal Audio releasing a new interface, YouTube investing in positive content, Logan Paul Returning, CNN shutting down Beme, Facebook getting into game dreaming, and Apple rolling out a privacy tool.

In what I’ve been testing, I talk about the new iMac 27” I picked up and how boring I think it is as well as my initial thoughts on the Apogee Duet. In the Ask Bandrew segment, I talk about the SM57 + A81WS = SM7b, why I don’t grow a beard, Travis Walton’s abduction, Conspiracies, the future of tech, how to stay motivated, podcast naming, presidential campaign slogans, and popcorn vs. Kettle corn.

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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Elon Musk is Selling a Flamethrower!
03:19 - Apple HomePod Announced & Available for Preorder
06:43 - Universal Audio Arrow Interface
09:20 - YouTube Invests in Positive Content
11:05 - Logan Paul Returns
13:00 - CNN Shut Down Beme
16:52 - Getting Gaming Tips on Facebook (
17:41 - Apple Rolling Out Privacy Icon
18:52 - iMac 27”
20:44 - Apogee Duet
23:30 - Ask Bandrew
24:07 - Email 1
25:26 - Can the SM57 + A81WS = SM7b? (
27:09 - Why don’t you grow a beard?
27:41 - Travis Walton: Truth or Hoax?
28:53 - E-mail 2
29:16 - Why do you like conspiracies?
30:56 - Where do you think Tech is Going in the Next 100 Years?
31:25 - E-mail 3
31:58 - How do you get motivated?
33:17 - Do you like “Insert Name” as a podcast name?
34:31 - What would your campaign slogan be?
35:00 - Popcorn or Kettle Corn?
35:25 - Outro

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