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Feb 19, 2018

On episode 107 I talk about twitter streaming local news during breaking events, updates to YouTube tv’s channel lineup and pricing, my thoughts on the Casey Neistat & Robert Kyncl interview, Susan Wojicki’s thoughts on Logan Paul, Unilever threatening to pull their ads from online platforms, and a fan breaking into a YouTuber’s house.

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00:00 - Intro
00:37 - Twitter Live Streaming News during Breaking News
02:51 - Updates to YouTube TV
04:26 - Casey Neistat & Robert Kyncl Interview
09:53 - Susan Wojicki Doesn’t Think Logan Paul should Be Kicked off YouTube
15:22 - Unilever Threatens to Pull Ads from Online Companies
18:30 - Fan Breaks into YouTuber’s Home
21:15 - Ask Bandrew
21:36 - Email 1
22:28 - Why do you prefer Mac OS over Windows
25:11 - Why did you choose this topic for youtube?
27:20 - What are your thoughts on social media?
28:59 - Have you heard of Amateur radio?
29:55 - Email 2
30:46 - How are you learning to support your voice?
32:40 - What would suggest to someone to reinvigorate their creativity?
36:00 - Email 3
37:44 - Have you seen Enemy of the State?
38:07 - Opinion on Season 11 of X-Files
40:52 - Outro

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