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Mar 26, 2018

On episode 112 I discuss my first livestream on Twitch, Facebook rolling out a pattern like feature, GoPro licensing their lens & sensor technology for 3rd party devices, YouTube rolling out picture in picture on desktop, YouTube webcam launching, Youtube updating it’s firearm policies, YouTube annoying music listeners intentionally, YouTube distributing films to theaters, China banning parody videos, Facebook & Cambridge Analytica, Facebook collecting your call & text meta data, and what we can learn from Facebook & the data they collect?

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00:00 - Intro
00:46 - PSA
01:26 - Completed My First Twitch Stream
02:58 - Facebook Rolling out Patreon Like Feature
04:44 - GoPro Licensing Lens & Sensors for 3rd Party Devices
06:17 - YouTube Picture in Picture on Desktop
07:47 - YouTube Webcam Launching
09:55 - YouTube Updates to Firearm Policies
12:00 - YouTube Annoying Music Listeners Intentionally
14:24 - YouTube Distributing YouTube Originals to Theaters
16:12 - China Has Banned Parodies
17:56 - Facebook & Cambridge Analytica
20:48 - Facebook Collecting Your Call & Text Meta Data
22:18 - What Can We Learn from Facebook!?
23:56 - Ask Bandrew
24:13 - Email 1
25:05 - What are some of your recommended comedy entertainment?
28:30 - Will you podcast with an NW700, Camera Mic?
29:05 - Will you review shotgun mic reviews?
29:26 - Will you review underwater mic?
29:41 - Will you change your intro?
30:36 - Email 2
31:04 - Why haven’t you reviewed more shotgun mics?
31:27 - Why haven’t you used a shotgun mic instead of the SM7b?
32:13 - Email 3
32:41 - What animal would be cutest scaled down to the size of a cat?
33:08 - What situation started out bad but ended up great?
33:53 - What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?
34:54 - Email 4
35:00 - What headphones would you recommend for video editing and music listening?
36:00 - Outro

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