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May 14, 2018

On episode 118 of the BSP, I talk about Gmail composing your e-mails for you, Google’s camera allowing you to copy text from a photo, Google Assistant (Duplex) making phone calls for you, HDR playback on YouTube going live on iOS, YouTube rolling out a “Take a Break” feature, Philip DeFranco launching a stand alone video app, Hulu launching a channel guide, Apple removing apps that share location data, Apple selling streaming subscriptions, Apple launching a credit card, Apple disabling USB connections if your iOS device is locked for 7 days, Twitter rolling out encrypted direct messages, Rick & Morty renewed for 70 episodes, and Syfy not renewing the Expanse.

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00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Gmail Can Compose Your E-mails For You
02:23 - Google Lens Can Copy Text from Photos
03:45 - Google Assistant Making Phone Calls
08:37 - HDR YouTube Playback on iOS Available
08:58 - YouTube “Take a Break” Feature
11:47 - Philip DeFranco Launches Stand Alone Video App
14:46 - Hulu Launches a Channel Guide
15:50 - Apple Removing Apps That Share Location Data
17:34 - Apple Selling Streaming Subscriptions
18:32 - Apple Launching a Credit Card
20:07 - Apple Disabling USB Connections if Device is Locked for 7 Days
22:27 - Twitter May Be Working on Encrypted Direct Messages
23:55 - Rick And Morty Renewed for 70 More Episodes
25:09 - SyFy Does Not Renew The Expanse
25:57 - What You Had to Say!
28:00 - Ask Bandrew
28:18 - Email 1
28:55 - Thoughts on Google Digital Well Being Initiative?
30:23 - Email 2
30:42 - Rank RE20, SM7B, Procaster on 1-10 Scale
31:49 - Email 3
32:04 - What are your computer specs?
33:20 - Outro

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