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May 21, 2018

On episode 119 of the BSP, I talk about Google Killing / Rebranding YouTube Red to YouTube Premium, YouTube adding music credits in descriptions, Lil Tay getting her mother fired, YouTube adding Tastemade & The Young Turks to YouTubeTV, Facebook launching Youth guidelines, Facebook launching Voice posts and photo/video storage, more Facebook data exposed, and Call of Duty IIII release.

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00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Clarification on Smart Phone Addiction
01:37 - Good Use Case for Google Duplex
02:50 - Google Kills YouTube Red, Sort of…
04:50 - YouTube Gives Musicians Proper Credit
07:08 - Lil Tay Gets Mom Fired
12:01 - YouTubeTV Brings in Tastemade & The Young Turks
14:26 - Facebook Loves the Youths
18:05 - Facebook Launching Voice Posts & Photo/Video Storage
20:43 - More Facebook Data Exposed via Personality Quizzes
22:48 - Call of Duty IIII or IV Coming Soon
24:00 - What You Had to Say - Two Party Consent
26:00 - Ask Bandrew
26:25 - Email 1
26:58 - Opinions on Fortnite?
28:16 - Thoughts on the Royal Wedding?
28:47 - How do you get back into Podcasting?
29:55 - Outro

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