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May 28, 2018

On episode 120 of the BSP, I talk about Apple lying about Bend Gate on the iPhone 6 and 6-plus, Facebook two factor authentication, Yubikey compatibility with the iPhone, Razer Core X, News outlets banning EU viewers, EU citizens downloading information from Apple, Amazon Facial Rekognition, Amazon Echo spying on you, TeenSafe leaking your passwords, Comcast Xfinity router passwords being leaked, Comcast launching new mesh wifi devices, Twitch streaming Doctor Who, and Amazon saving The Expanse.

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00:00 - Intro
00:38 - Apple Lied About Bend Gate
05:31 - Facebook Doesn’t Want Your Phone # Anymore
07:20 - Yubikey NFC Capability on the iPhone 7 & Newer
09:15 - Razer Core X Announced
10:35 - News Outlets Ban EU Users
12:17 - EU Apple Users Can Download Their Data
13:12 - Amazon Facial Recognition (Big Brother State!!!)
17:14 - Amazon Echo Sends Private Conversation to Contact Book
20:37 - TeenSafe Leaks your Teens Passwords
22:50 - Comcast Xfinity Leaking Router Passwords
25:00 - Comcast Launching Mesh Wifi System
25:57 - Twitch Streaming Doctor Who for 7 Weeks
26:21 - Amazon Saves The Expanse
26:42 - What You Had To Say
29:07 - Ask Bandrew
29:20 - Email 1
31:05 - Email 2
32:39 - Email 3
35:05 - Outro

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