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Jun 25, 2018

On episode 124 of the BSP, I cover Google Podcasts going live, 3 new monetization tools on YouTube that were announced at VidCon 2018, Instagram TV, Apple Fined $6.6M USD in Australia, Apple repairing Macbook keyboards for free, and Verizon no longer selling your real-time location data. I also talk about the RE27 N/D briefly, all my waves plugins disappearing, 3 new Mac utility apps that I like, and much much more.

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00:00 - Intro
00:37 - I like the RE27 N/D
01:30 - All my Waves Plugins Disappeared!
02:26 - Google Podcasts Live
04:30 - New YouTube Monetization Tools
* Podcastage Merch:
* YouTube Blog:
12:25 - Instagram TV
16:10 - Apple Fined $6.6M USD
18:08 - Apple Repairing Macbook Keyboards for Free
20:15 - Verizon No Longer Selling Real-Time Location Data
* Senator Wyden’s Letter:
23:20 - What I’ve Been Testing (Bartender 3, Unclutter, Magnet)
25:29 - What You Had to Say (Your response's to last week's episode)
29:05 - Ask Bandrew
29:20 - Email 1
29:30 - Refurbishing & Repainting an Electro Voice RE20
31:46 - Email 2 (Social Media Privacy / Boundaries)
33:35 - Thoughts on digital oversharing?
36:34 - What can be done about it?
37:40 - 4 Rules for New Creators Using Social Media
42:23 - How do you set boundaries with digital connections?
44:00 - How do you stop someone from oversharing with you?
46:00 - Outro

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