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Aug 13, 2018

On episode 131 of the BSP, I talk about Discord selling video games, Youtube adding a subscription shelf back to the homepage, YouTube certifying and recommending phones, Youtube deleting Alex Jones’ channel, and the FCC lying about the DDoS attack in 2017.

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00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Sunshine Summit 2018
01:18 - This Experiment is Over
04:18 - Discord Selling Games
05:51 - YouTube Adding Subscription Shelf on Homepage
07:38 - YouTube Certifying & Recommending Phones
10:11 - YouTube Deleted Alex Jones Channel
* FB Statement:
* Hank’s Video:
* JRE Video:
23:31 - FCC Lied About the DDOS Attack in 2017
* Office of Inspector Generatl Letter:
26:11 - Movie of the Week: Dracula (1931)
* Buy it on iTunes: (affiliate)
29:40 - WYHTS: What triggers Air Marshalls to follow you on planes?
31:04 - WYHTS: Finding a balance between security & invasion of privacy?
33:26 - WYHTS: Logitech showing off Blue Snowball and Yeti & Ignoring Nice Microphones!!!
35:15 - Ask Bandrew
35:32 - How do I stop saying Uhhh and Umm in my podcast?
41:07 - Should I buy the Zoom H5 Portable Recorder or a USB Audio Interface?

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