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Aug 27, 2018

On episode 133 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube rolling out non-skippable advertisements to all youtubers who are in the partner program, Twitch changing the benefits you get with Twitch Prime, Facebook launching a social trust score, and Facebook tracking app usage on your phone with their VPN service.
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Ask Questions:
00:00 - Intro
00:59 - All Creators Getting Unskippable Ad Option
07:40 - Twitch Changing Prime Benefits
11:32 - Facebook Launches Social Trust Score
13:57 - Facebook’s VPN Taken Out of the iOS App Store
15:23 - Movie of the Week: Hereditary (2018)
18:40 - What I Have Been Testing: Sennheiser MD441U
20:42 - WYHTS: Being Held Responsible for Misinterpretations
21:44 - WYHTS: Law Enforcement Stopping Gangs
25:36 - WYHTS: Fighting People Who Like Mushrooms
26:19 - Ask Bandrew
26:36 - Email 1
27:13 - Do you notice foam windscreens muffling a microphone’s sound?
28:16 - Email 2
29:24 - How do I stop the bleed between microphones?
31:34 - Should I use the AT2005 as USB or XLR?
32:11 - What video editing software do you use?
32:29 - What are your thoughts on children using YouTube?
35:31 - Outro