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Oct 7, 2018

On episode 139 of the BSP, we cover Spotify for Podcasters Beta and what it means for podcasters, YouTube using your Google search history to target ads at you, Twitter expanding fake account & spam rules, Chinese Spy Chips infiltrating Apple / Amazon / US Gov’t and a LOT more

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00:00 - Intro
00:52 - Spotify for Podcasters Beta
04:10 - YouTube Targeting You Based on Google Search
06:56 - Twitter Expanding Fake Account & Spam Rules
10:34 - Chinese Spy Chips Infiltrate Apple / Amazon / US Government & More
16:21 - When is the Next Creator Case Study Coming Out?
17:27 - Stop Using Crome
18:11 - The MKH416 Should NOT be Used for Voiceover
19:48 - Ask Bandrew
20:00 - Can we start a band?
21:29 - What Alternatives are There to the Apogee Mic 96k?
24:20 - Worst Sounding Podcast Setup?
27:21 - Outro