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Oct 22, 2018

On episode 141 I talk about YouTube’s recent outage, Youtube adding subscription buttons for embedded players, YouTube screwing PewDiePie and releasing Logan Paul’s movie, Apple releasing their shows for free, Apple apologizing for a phishing attack, Twitter publicly shaming people who violate twitter’s rules, TSA rolling out facial recognition for domestic travelers, Facebook releasing Portal, and Google offering spam call screening service. 
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00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Launched
01:27 - Memberships available on
02:18 - YouTube down for over an hour!!!
04:14 - YouTube adds subscription buttons for embedded players
05:31 - YouTube releasing Logan Paul’s new movie
08:54 - Apple’s original shows will be free
11:26 - Apple iPad event on 10/30/18 @ 10:00AM EDT
12:21 - Apple apologizes for phishing attack
13:17 - Twitter publicly shames people who violate Twitter’s rules
16:26 - TSA implementing facial recognition for domestic travelers
19:16 - Facebook announces Portal (Amazon Echo competitor)
21:13 - Google offers spam call screening service
23:50 - Ask Bandrew
24:06 - Email 1
24:39 - What’s the correct level to record the Samson G-Track Pro?
26:44 - Email 2
27:00 - What do you think the Safest & Best social media sites
31:07 - Email 3
33:07 - Am I damaging my audio gear with this weird setup?
35:39 - Email 4
36:15 - Can the UMC22 drive the Shure SM58?
37:41 - Outro