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Jan 13, 2019

On episode 152 of the BSP I analyze youtube removing autopost features from Twitter and why it doesn’t matter, How profanity affects your monetization on YouTube, IMDB Launching a free movie streaming service, iTunes coming to Samsung TV’s, the Ring Doorbell invading your privacy, Yubico releasing a lightning Yubikey, Blue Microphones announcing the Blue Ember, the Hyper X Quadcast USB Mic, and the Samson Satellite broadcast microphone.

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00:00 - Intro
00:56 - YouTube Removing Autopost Features
03:37 - How Profanity Affects your Monetization on YouTube
07:30 - IMDB Launched Free Movie Streaming Service
09:32 - iTunes Coming to Samsung TV’s
13:15 - The Ring Doorbell Allowed Employees to Watch Your Videos!
16:28 - Yubico Announced iOS 2fa Token!
18:14 - Blue Announces the "Blue Ember” Microphone
19:43 - Hyper X Announces Gaming Microphone
21:24 - Samson Announces Satellite Microphone
22:36 - WYHTS: I Liked the Neumann BCM705
23:45 - WYHTS: Can You Deny Spotify from Using Your Podcast?
26:15 - WYHTS: Everything is Tracking YOU!
28:09 - Ask Bandrew
28:55 - Email 1
29:20 - Should I get the NT1a or Blue Spark for Folk Music?
33:13 - Email 2
34:02 - Rode NT1, Rode NT1a, or Rode NT2a for Rap?
36:27 - Email 3
38:08 - Can you do a Comparison of XLR vs USB Microphone Sound Quality?
40:53 - Should I get a Webcam?
42:07 - Outro