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Apr 7, 2019

On episode 163 of the BSP I analyze an Australian bill that would jail social media executives if extremist content is hosted on their platform, Twitter allowing you to appeal strikes directly from the app, Rode releasing a new wireless microphone system, and The Verge sucking at microphone recommendations.

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00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Australia Jailing Social Media Executives (The End of User Generated Content)
* ABC Australia Article:
* Facebook Financial Filings:
07:52 - Twitter Allowing Appeal for Suspension Within the App
09:11 - Rode Wireless Go
10:35 - The Verge is Stealing My Review Format (Not Really)
11:38 - The Verge Recommends Awful Podcasting Mics for Podcasting
15:15 - WYHTS: A La Carte TV is as Expensive as Cable?
16:45 - WYHTS: The Apple Card Does Increase Rates for Late Payments?
18:38 - WYHTS: The EU Doesn’t Want to Fine You?
20:05 - WYHTS: Ep 162 Audio Was TOO Echoey
21:17 - Ask Bandrew
22:00 - Email 1
24:06 - Tech YouTuber Exiled for Twitter Botting
25:35 - Why Do People Spam you in Group DMs?
26:19 - Why Do the Groups Ignore Legitimate Questions?
27:03 - How to Properly Retweet (and How Retweeting is Abused)
28:41 - Follow for Follow Leads to Artificial Growth
30:13 - Don’t Take Shortcuts on Growing Your Audience!
30:47 - Advice for Growing on Social Media
32:52 - Video Submission (
35:36 - I’m No Audio Engineer
36:25 - How To Accept Voice Mails For Your Podcast?
38:02 - Why Do Phone Calls & Voice Mails Sound Bad?
39:16 - Should you EQ Voice Mails?
42:12 - Outro