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Apr 14, 2019

On episode 164 of the BSP I analyze an update to Apple Podcast’s website, Alex Jones being on Logan Paul’s Podcast Impaulsive and why the reaction scares me, YouTube raising prices for YouTube TV, Disney Plus launch details, and I share my thoughts on the 2019 iPad mini.
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00:00 - Intro 
01:00 - Update to Apple Podcast’s Website
01:59 - Alex Jones on Logan Paul’s Podcast
12:42 - YouTube Raises Prices of YouTube TV
13:10 - Disney Plus Launch Announced
14:33 - What I’ve Been Testing: iPad Mini
17:38 - WYHTS: Why Won’t Small Countries Fine Corporations for Breaking Their Laws?
21:01 - WYHTS: Why Do Companies Allow ANY Non-Vetted Users to Live Stream?
23:31 - Ask Bandrew
24:07 - Email 1
25:13 - Can You Use a Guitar Noise Gate for Microphones?
28:20 - Email 2
29:19 - How Can I Record 5 People with 4 Mics?
30:32 - Video Submission
31:06 - Best Practices for Beginner Podcasters
38:52 - 100,000 Subscribers / Outro