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Apr 22, 2019

On episode 165 of the BSP I analyze YouTube’s algorithm mislabeling the Notre Dame fire as a 9/11 conspiracy video, YouTube giving free super chats to Premium subscribers, YouTube returning to FireTV, Apple & Qualcomm coming to an agreement, Twitter launching a feature to censor your own comments, and Facebook storing your Instagram passwords in plain text. I also address how much editing goes into this podcast, and go on a near 20 minute discussion on what makes for good vocal recordings.
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Ask Questions:
00:00 - Intro 
00:56 - Special Addition to Video Version of Show
01:37 - YouTube Mislabeling Notre Dame Fire Videos
04:34 - YouTube Premium Gives Free Super Chats
06:50 - YouTube Coming Back to Amazon Fire TV
07:39 - Apple & Qualcomm Settle
09:52 - Twitter Launching Hide Tweet Feature (Advice Regarding Trolls)
13:42 - Facebook/Instagram Stored Passwords in Plain Text
15:46 - What I’ve Been Testing: Lauten Audio LS-208
18:21 - WYHTS: Fake News & Deplatforming are Detrimental?
22:15 - WYHTS: We Should Ban Antivaxxers?
26:34 - WYHTS: How Do You Change the Pitch of Your Voice?
27:52 - Ask Bandrew
28:25 - Email 1
29:50 - Can I Clip Parts of the BSP for Use On My Channel?
32:34 - Email 2
33:12 - How Would You Survive an Internet Outage?
40:50 - Audio Submission
43:39 - What Features Make for a Good Voice Recording?
44:33 - Feature 1: Needs to have good clarity
45:00 - Feature 2: The level needs to be consistent
46:17 - Feature 3: Processing needs to be subtle
50:09 - Feature 4: The recording should be easy to listen to
51:12 - What Voice Production Style's You Can Not Stand?
56:10 - Personal / Outro
57:42 - Bonus: Final tally on edit points