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Apr 25, 2016

On todays episode, I share a story with you about how I got screwed back into cable, and then discuss the launch of podcasts in the google play store and what I hope is int the future for this app.
I then recommend some TV & MUSIC, and share my thoughts on an amp simulator plugin I have been trying, called: Positive...

Apr 18, 2016

On episode 15 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, we experience a new theme song? But more than that we discuss a new cable company known as Layer 3 / UMIO. We also analyze the music of MUSE and explain why they are one of the greatest bands of our generation.

We talk about an awesome android app to consume your podcasts on,...

Apr 13, 2016

On episode 14 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, we take a little bit of a detour from the regularly scheduled topics. Due to popular request, Bandrew is sharing a little bit more about himself with you guys, telling you how he got into music/recording.

Before that, there is a discussion about the SpaceX Falcon 9 landing, and...

Apr 6, 2016

On this episode of The Bandrew Says Podcast, Bandrew clears some more air regarding YouTube comments.

He talks about testing out YouTube red and the value that he found in spending $9.99 for a service that used to be free. There's also a brief overview of the latest Apple Event (iPad Pro 9.7", iPhone SE, iOS 9.3, Apple...