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May 23, 2016

On today's episode, we don't really have a main topic, but we do discuss a lot. First, I talk about why I was not fully prepared for this episode of the podcast. Then I share my thoughts and ideas on Freebooting.

For news, I discuss a new X-Files comic and then discuss Outcast (Robert Kirkman), A New Wave of Violence (by Head Wound City), and briefly discuss Fidlar & Die Antwoord. I have been testing out the G-Board for iOS, and I briefly share my thoughts about that, and then finally we get into questions from AdrianL, GWLEdits, Παναγιώτης Συσκάκης, ST Graves, Sticky_Keys, Flaws23, and Mika K.

X-Files Song:
Rick & Morty Song:

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Why I’m not prepared
05:17 - My thoughts on freebooting
07:57 - New X-files Comic 
09:32 - Outcast by Robert Kirkman on Cinemax
11:25 - Head Wound City - A New Wave of Violence
13:45 - Fidlar
14:25 - Die Antwoord Songs
15:02 - GBoard
Viewer/Listener Questions
16:33 - AdrianL
20:53 - GWLEdits
24:35 - Can't type User Name
32:40 - ST Graves
36:11 - Sticky_Keys
38:16 - Flaws23
40:24 - Mika K.
43:27 - Outro