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Jun 27, 2016

On this episode of BSP, I cover a LOT of topics ranging from the awesome advice you guys gave last week, to advice about being genuine on your youtube channel or podcast. There are also brief discussions of a BUNCH of youtube news, a new NASA app, and even a new BitTorrent app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.
For what...

Jun 20, 2016

On today's episode of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I avoid talking too much about tech in order to vent some frustrations and explain my current obsession.

I begin by explaining why I am burnt out on youtube, and possible solutions that I have for resolving this issue. Then I speak about my current obsession with prepping...

Jun 13, 2016

On episode 23 of The BSP, I record the entire podcast with a different microphone. I also discuss the reasoning behind it and ask for your feedback. Then I share something with you that changed my life and hope that it can change your life for the better as well.
Following this, we discuss the Phoenix Comic con, and...

Jun 6, 2016

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Stressed Out
08:58 - Comedy Bang! Bang! Tv Show is BACK!
10:27 - Podcast Recommendations
11:11 - ZacisDolan-Road to 50 Subs: Why did my old mic pick up radio waves?
12:03 - Super Sapp: How mandatory in your opinion is it to get audio treatment? Does it effect the sound a lot?
14:52 -...