216: Joe Rogan Exclusive to Spotify, Some Good News Abandons YouTube, and More
May 24, 2020
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216: Joe Rogan Exclusive to Spotify, Some Good News Abandons YouTube, and More

Bandrew Scott
On episode 216 of the BSP I discuss Joe Rogan’s podcast moving to Spotify exclusively and what this means for creators, as well as the Some Good News show by John Krasinski abandoning YouTube and being put behind the CBS All Access paywall. I also briefly discuss the H3H3 vs. Keemstar drama and why I don’t support the actions taken. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at http://www.bandrewsays.com Gear Used This Episode (Affiliate Links): Mojave MA-201 Fet: N/A Hakan P110 Pop Filter: https://imp.i114863.net/Za2Ag Yellowtec m!ka Boom Arm: https://shop.yellowtec.com/epages/Yellowtec.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Yellowtec/Products/YT3601 Universal Audio x8: https://imp.i114863.net/zMg2r Sony MDR7506: https://geni.us/7506 Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions: https://www.askbandrew.com Merch; https://teespring.com/stores/podcastage-store Discord: http://www.podcastage.com/discord 00:00 - Intro 00:55 - Joe Rogan Experience Exclusive to Spotify 11:25 - Some Good News YouTube Show Goes Behind the Pay Wall! 15:25 - Mojave MA-201 FET 16:24 - Comments About OBS -6dB Clipping 18:56 - WYHTS: H3H3 vs Keemstar & Cancel Culture 24:31 - Ask Bandrew 25:09 - Video Submission 26:26 - How Does My BM800 Sound? 27:46 - Email 1 28:10 - Do Open Back Headphones Bleed Into Even the SM7b? 30:00 - Voice Submission 32:00 - For Livestreaming a Podcast Should I Get a Mixer or Use My Interface? 34:26 - Email 2 35:06 - Is There A Way to Reduce Latency in VoiceMeeter Banana? 36:47 - Alternatives to VoiceMeeter? 37:31 - My “E”’s are clipping 38:42 - LiveStreamForTheCure 39:17 - Outro