238: YouTube is Monetizing Vids and Not Paying Creators, and More
November 22, 2020
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238: YouTube is Monetizing Vids and Not Paying Creators, and More

Bandrew Scott
On episode 238 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube updating their terms of service to allow them to monetize videos from channels that are not in the YouTube partner program, and not pass any earnings on to the channel whose video was monetized. I also answer a couple of questions. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at http://www.bandrewsays.com Gear Used This Episode (Affiliate Links): Neumann U67: https://imp.i114863.net/NrO97 Yellowtek M!ka Boom Arm: https://www.yellowtec.com/mika.html Universal Audio x8: https://imp.i114863.net/zMg2r Sennheiser HD650: https://geni.us/sennhd650 Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions: https://www.askbandrew.com Merch; https://teespring.com/stores/podcastage-store Discord: http://www.podcastage.com/discord 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - YouTube TOS Change Allows YouTube To Not Pay Creators!? 21:10 - WYHTS: YouTube Chapter Markers 21:55 - WYHTS: Will Smith - YouTuber 23:06 - WYHTS: Don’t Buy Cheap Acoustic Foam! 25:00 - ASK BANDREW 25:39 - Voice Submission 1 26:08 - How Does The Mic Sound with the Blue Icicle? 26:51 - Voice Submission 2 27:19 - Why Does Your Recording have THAT Much Hiss? 29:15 - Voice Submission 3 30:30 - Which Mic Do You Like Best On My Voice? 32:05 - What Are Your Thoughts on Marco Arment’s Podcast Mic Review / Recommendation Recommendations? 35:53 - Voice Submission 4 37:00 - Does the Q2u LED Work When Connected Over XLR? 38:48 - Outro