239: Twitter Warning of Wrong Think, YouTube Monetizing Everyone, & More
November 29, 2020
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239: Twitter Warning of Wrong Think, YouTube Monetizing Everyone, & More

Bandrew Scott
On episode 239 of the BSP, I talk about twitter warning you about liking disputed content, and then I discuss in depth more about why I think adding everyone to YouTube partner program is a bad idea, and discuss why YouTube monetization should not be the end all be all of your monetization strategy. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at http://www.bandrewsays.com Gear Used This Episode (Affiliate Links): Neumann U67: https://imp.i114863.net/NrO97 Yellowtek M!ka Boom Arm: https://www.yellowtec.com/mika.html Universal Audio x8: https://imp.i114863.net/zMg2r Sennheiser HD650: https://geni.us/sennhd650 Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions: https://www.askbandrew.com Merch; https://teespring.com/stores/podcastage-store Discord: http://www.podcastage.com/discord 00:00 - Intro 00:56 - Twitter Correcting You For Wrong Think 03:15 - WYHTS: YouTube is a great opportunity 04:40 - WYHTS: YouTube is going to be sued by the FTC for these advertisements 06:30 - WYHTS: Everyone should be in the Youtube Partner Program 16:20 - WYHTS: Youtube keeps getting worse and worse! 18:12 - WYHTS: Youtube should let you pay to not have ads on your videos 21:45 - WYHTS: Why are you creating content in the first place? Alternative monetization opportunities. 26:38 - WYHTS: How did I make my podcast music? 28:37 - Ask Bandrew 29:00 - Video Submission 1 29:35 - Which recent mic that I’ve used on the podcast would be my favorite? 32:45 - Voice Submission 2 34:06 - Should I adjust my compression and gate for outdoor recordings? 36:47 - Voice Submission 3 37:53 - Have I been noticed outside? 40:45 - Does being noticed bother me? 41:40 - Outro