256: Twitch Banning People For Off-Line Behavior, and Much More
Bandrew Says PodcastApril 11, 2021
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256: Twitch Banning People For Off-Line Behavior, and Much More

Bandrew Scott
On episode 256 of the BSP, I discuss thew news that Twitch will be banning people for off site violations (on other social media platforms, and off-line behavior as well). I discuss why this is concerning even though it is understandable why they want to implement this. 
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00:00 - Intro 
00:55 - Twitch Banning People For Offsite Behavior
11:30 - WYHTS: YouTube Hiding Dislikes because of YT Rewind
12:30 - WYHTS: YouTube Should Revert to the Star Rating
13:45 - WYHTS: YouTube Could Manipulate Dislike
15:15 - WYHTS: Mental Health Argument is Plausible
16:45 - WYHTS: Dislikes Tell Me If a Tutorial is Correct
19:20 - WYHTS: Dislikes are Super Informative 
24:00 - WYHTS: Disliking videos doesn’t change a thing?
25:00 - WYHTS: Time Needs to be Considered As Well
26:20 - Ask Bandrew
17:00 - Video Submission 1
29:15 - How to Get Neighbors to be Quiet?
32:20 - Voice Submission 2
35:00 - Mixers for Recording?
38:45 - Voice Submission 3
39:05 - What Kind of Redundancy Do You Have in Place for Recording Failure? 
42:20 - Outro