293: Joe Rogan Is No Longer a Podcaster, & More
Bandrew Says PodcastFebruary 13, 2022
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293: Joe Rogan Is No Longer a Podcaster, & More

Bandrew Scott
On episode 293 of the BSP, I discuss why I haven't been discussing Joe Rogan, but I discuss a bit of why I think spotify and Joe Rogan is a bit concerning. Then I discuss the best way to support my channel, tips on making educational content, and people chasing the youtube algorithm. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at http://www.bandrewsays.com Gear Used This Episode (Affiliate Links): Lewitt LCT1040: na. Yellowtek M!ka: https://www.yellowtec.com/mika.html Universal Audio x8: https://imp.i114863.net/zMg2r Sennheiser HD650: https://geni.us/sennhd650 As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Ask Questions: https://www.askbandrew.com Merch; https://teespring.com/stores/podcastage-store Discord: http://www.podcastage.com/discord 00:00 - Intro 00:10 - Joe Rogan is Not a Podcaster & Spotify Nonsense 12:29 - LCT1040 Settings 13:04 - WYHTS: Where's the Beacn Mic Review 14:21 - WYHTS: Best Way to Support Your Channel 16:31 - Ask Bandrew 17:26 - Email 1 18:06 - Tips on Making Educational Content 23:16 - Voice Submission 2 26:46 - Feedback on Audio 28:16 - Chasing the YouTube Algorithm 33:01 - Voice Submission 3 36:36 - What Mic Would You Send to the Aliens 39:26 - Movies of the Week