318: YouTube Course Paywall, My Issue WIth EDC, Mojave MA-D
Bandrew Says PodcastSeptember 11, 2022
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318: YouTube Course Paywall, My Issue WIth EDC, Mojave MA-D

On episode 318 of the BSP I discuss youtube's announcement of new features for educational content including paywalled education videos, my issue with everyday carry and many other hobbies, the Mojave MA-D, and then we discuss people criticizing youtube because they don't play the game, what camera and lenses I use, how i think you should use a noise gate, why my reviews sound so different over time, and how important 15kHz+ is for spoken word.
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00:00 - Intro
01:15 - YouTube Educational Video Player
05:10 - YouTube Paywall for Courses
07:40 - YouTube Quizzes
10:15 - My Issue with EDC (Everyday Carry) and Many Hobbies
18:32 - Mojave MA-D
20:55 - WYHTS: sE Voodoo was GREAT!
21:41 - WYHTS: People Criticize YouTube Because They're not Good Enough Creators!
30:15 - WYHTS: What Cameras and Lenses do I Use?
32:40 - Ask Bandrew
33:36 - Voice Submission 1
34:37 - How Should I Use my Noise Gate?
39:12 - Voice Submission 2
40:10 - Why Do My Reviews Sound So Different Than They Did 5 Years Ago?
46:00 - Why Do You Make Re-Reviews?
48:30 - Voice Submission 3
49:30 - How Imporant is 15kHz+ for Spoken Word?
52:30 - Outro