329: Everything I Believe Has Been a Lie, Dark Videos Why?
Bandrew Says PodcastDecember 04, 2022
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329: Everything I Believe Has Been a Lie, Dark Videos Why?

On episode 329 of the BSP I discuss how everything I believed is probably a lie and I have to assess everything to determine if it's accurate. I then talk about the purpose of videos being dark, the real reason people dislike electret microphones, the conflict of interest that arises from accepting sponsored videos from companies you review, other fall microphone pics, and an amazing voice submission.
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Universal Audio X8: https://geni.us/uax8
Sennheiser HD650: https://geni.us/sennhd650
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00:00 - Intro
00:47 - Everything I Believe Has Been a Lie
07:52 - sE Electronics Voodoo VR2
09:15 - WYHTS: What's the Purpose of Dark Videos?
12:35 - WYHTS: The Real Reason People Dislike Electret Condensers
19:00 - WYHTS: Creators Should Do Sponsored Videos, Just not Reviews
25:55 - WYHTS: Other Fall Microphone Picks
29:24 - Ask Bandrew
29:50 - Email 1
30:08 - How Do You Connect a Mic To Your Camera?
32:45 - Voice Submission 2
34:45 - Do This More!
36:15 - Conclusion