340: YouTube's Confusing Podcast Move, & More (BSP-340)
Bandrew Says PodcastFebruary 27, 2023
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340: YouTube's Confusing Podcast Move, & More (BSP-340)

Bandrew Scott

On episode 340 of the BSP I discuss YouTube's confusing decision to add podasting to YT music and allow free AD-SUPPORTED background play. I also share a warning and discussion about building your business on someone else's platform, attempt to get a better result from Adobe Podcast AI via mixing wet/dry signals, and then hear some audio submissions from you.

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00:00 - Intro
01:10 - YouTube Adding Podcasts to YouTube Music
11:22 - Section 230 Notice
13:15 - WYHTS: Danger of Creating Your Business on Someone Else's Platform
21:00 - WYHTS: How a Shotgun Mic REALLY Gets Reach
21:52 - WYHTS: Adobe Podcast AI Needs a Wet/Dry Mix
26:20 - Ask Bandrew
27:00 - Video Submission 1
28:22 - Great SDC Spoken Word Setup
30:00 - Voice Submission 2
33:05 - Using a Super Cheap 3.5mm Mic
35:15 - Outro