341: Videos Are NOT Podcasts, and That's Fine
Bandrew Says PodcastMarch 06, 2023
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341: Videos Are NOT Podcasts, and That's Fine

Bandrew Scott
On episode 341 of the BSP I talk more about youtube's attempt to break into podcasting. Since episode 340, I learned that this entire announcement has to do with youtube videos being marked as podcasts, and a viewer will now be able to listen to that video in the background while using the youtube music app.
Note: I screwed the audio up big time. I started a new Reaper session and it reverted to 24-bit 44.1kHz. So I lost the 32-bit float benefit, and I didn't record in the standard 48kHz. HECK IT ALL!
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00:00 - Intro
00:58 - YouTube & Podcast
13:50 - Rode NT1
18:30 - WYHTS: Why Is BSP Not on Spotify?
21:15 - Ask Bandrew
22:15 - Voice Submission
23:55 - I Am Now THE MAN!
24:55 - Audio Treatment Recommendations
27:15 - Get To Know Your Neighbors
29:30 - Outro / Conclusion