347: Why NPR & Slate Podcasts Fail on YouTube, & More
Bandrew Says PodcastMay 21, 2023
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347: Why NPR & Slate Podcasts Fail on YouTube, & More

Topics Discussed: Podcast networks such as NPR and SLATE podcasts are failing on youtube, YouTube Music Podcast Analytics are TERRIBLE, how I get everything done between the day job and youtube.
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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Why NPR & Slate Podcasts Fail on YouTube
14:00 - YouTube Music Podcast Analytics!
17:10 - What I've Been Testing: MOJAVE MA-200
18:30 - WYHTS: You Earned YouTube AT LEAST $500,000!
19:20 - WYHTS: Money Isn't the Only Cost of YouTube
24:30 - WYHTS: Where Do You Get Motivation to Make Videos?
32:15 - WYHTS: Who Does the Outro VO for the Bandrew Says Podcast?
33:08 - Conclusion