362: $4 Million Stolen From Podcasters, and More
Bandrew Says PodcastSeptember 17, 2023
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362: $4 Million Stolen From Podcasters, and More

Topics Discussed: Kast media has allegedly not paid their podcasters $4 million dollars. Sound treating your bathroom, why I cover clone mics, and finding a USB shotgun mic.
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00:00 - Intro
01:50 - Kast Media Allegedly Stealing $4m From Their Podcasters
13:15 - What I've Been Testing?
14:40 - WYHTS: YouTube Pushing YouTube Premium
16:34 - WYHTS: Bring on More Ads!
18:53 - WYHTS: Sound Treating Your Bathroom
20:20 - WYHTS: Why Do You Cover Clone Mics?
23:00 - WYHTS: Using a 6 Year Old iPhone
24:30 - Podcast Supporter Section
25:45 - Shotgun Mics in Your Bathroom
32:27 - Conclsuion