367: Does Sub Count Impact the Algorithm, YouTube Viewership Down, and More
Bandrew Says PodcastNovember 05, 2023
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367: Does Sub Count Impact the Algorithm, YouTube Viewership Down, and More

Video: https://youtu.be/X9d3vuTktEk

Topics Discussed: Using the Lewitt LCT440, my podcast outros, YouTube viewership being down across the board, my theory on if YouTube Subscriber count impacts a channels performance in the algorithm, Rodecaster Pro Duo issues, and then I judge your audio.


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Lewitt LCT440: https://geni.us/lct440

Universal Audio LA610 MK2: https://imp.i114863.net/la610mk2

Universal Audio x8: https://sweetwater.sjv.io/uax8


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00:00 - Intro 

01:00 - Lewitt LCT440

02:40 - WYHTS: AI Outro & Five Nights at Freddys

04:30 - WYHTS: YouTube Viewership is Down for Everyone

09:10 - WYHTS: Do YouTube Subscribers Impact Algorithm Performance

15:00 - WYHTS: You Should Gargle on Camera More

16:06 - WYHTS: RCP Issue on Windows

17:37 - WYHTS: RCP Pops & Clicks

19:42- Value for Value

21:30 - Ask Bandrew

22:30 - Voice Submission 1

24:00 - How to Avoid People Spying on Your Recording Noise

25:07 - Trying to Identify Nasal Tone in Recording

26:10 - Does Foreign Accent Matter for Voice Over?

27:16 - How Much EQ is Too Much?

29:10 - Video Submission 2

31:45 - How Does Your Audio Sound?

33:10 - Video Submission 3

36:10 - How Does Your Audio Sound?

38:34 - Conclsuion