379: How I Lost Weight, Avoiding Information Overload, and More
Bandrew Says PodcastFebruary 19, 2024
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379: How I Lost Weight, Avoiding Information Overload, and More

Video: https://youtu.be/SZvWwPQsEcI

Topics discussed: JZ Mics Vintage 67, Did I take Ozempic (my weight loss journey), what I learned from doing what makes me uncomfortable, avoiding information overload, why I shouldn't buy mics from manufacturers, why making mistakes makes you more trustworthy, and the digital audio players I've tried.


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Gear Used This Episode (Affiliate Links):

JZ Mics Vintage 67: https://usashop.jzmic.com/collections/vintage-series/products/vintage-67

Rode NTH-100: https://geni.us/rnth100

RND Portico 5017: https://sweetwater.sjv.io/rnd5017

Universal Audio x8: https://sweetwater.sjv.io/uax8


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00:00 - Intro

00:15 - WIBT: JZ Mics Vintage 67

03:15 - WYHTS: Did I Take Ozempic? (How I Lost Weight)

08:25 - Why I Do What Makes me Uncomfortable

13:21 - WYHTS: Avoiding Information Overload

17:50 - WYHTS: Why Not Buy Mics from the Manufacturer?

20:15 - WYHTS: Mistakes Make You Trustworthy

22:35 - WYHTS: My Favorite Digital Audio Players

26:58 - Value for Value

29:34 - Outro