384: Pro Sound Guy on Lav Mics, 9 Years to 10,000 Subscribers, and more
Bandrew Says PodcastApril 07, 2024
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384: Pro Sound Guy on Lav Mics, 9 Years to 10,000 Subscribers, and more

Video: https://youtu.be/TBypTk7Mgx4

Topics discussed: A professional Sound Guy corrects me on Lavalier microphones and provides their thoughts on proper use cases, Overhead booming with the Shure SM7b, the Shure Move Mic, hitting 10,000 Subscribers on this podcast after 9 years of production, why I don't use IEM's for monitoring, Mics in frame making you relatable, information lost when I privated 100 episodes of this podcast, abnd why I was okay deleting 100 episodes of my podcast


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Shure SM7b: https://geni.us/shuresm7b

Universal Audio x8: https://sweetwater.sjv.io/uax8

Shure Move Mic: https://geni.us/smovemic


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00:00 - Intro

00:17 - Professional Sound Guy Shares Insight into Lav Mics

16:30 - Overhead Booming with the Shure SM7b

18:11 - WIBT: Shure Move Mic

21:10 - 10,000 Subscribers in 9 Years

28:30 - WYHTS: Why Don't People Use IEM's for Monitoring?

32:15 - WYHTS: Mics in Frame are Relatable

36:51 - WYHTS: Info Lost Because I Deleted my Podcast

41:54 - Why I'm Okay Deleting 100 Podcast Episodes

47:26 - Value for Value

49:27 - Conclusion